Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Group workout in beautiful sunny Melbourne

It marks the final efforts of 12 long and exasperating weeks of tough love. It was a balmy 13 degrees Saturday, overcast and the occassional shower or two. Amee, Loz, Laura, Chris and I headed out to Albert Park Stadium for our big group workout with Michelle Bridges.

As freezing as it was, by the time we got moving it was much much easier. Even though we didn't blast out the calories as we had all planned, we still managed to get out and enjoy our exercise in the cold and wet. This is something we would all struggle with normally.
I was so proud of our hard work. I noticed a difference in my fitness between this workout and the one back in February. I was able to put in more effort for more of the duration - whereas last time we went all out in the warm up and then drifted into the background and lagged for the rest. This time I worked hard the entire time and kept up the best I could - not always jumping or kicking as high as I could but always moving.
Look out Adelaide, here we come in 3 months for the next group workout!

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