Thursday, 7 March 2013

Camping gone horribly wrong!

Laura's little baby Getz was full to the brim as we set off on our adventure south beachward bound!

With our naughty box of cheezels and 2 slices of Michelle Bridge's banana bread (care of mum) we headed with peak hour traffic towards our destination.

So it was someone's brilliant idea to go camping on the weekend for Spartan Race in Wonthaggi!
Girls were just not meant to put up tents!

My sister and I thought we were very clever arriving early to pitch our 2 tents in the daylight before the others all arrived... little did we know that mother nature was planning a cyclone in Kilcunda that afternoon!

It took us 2 hours to peg in the base because the wind just kept blowing it up and undoing all our good work. Our tent was like a giant sail! So we were finally getting the cover over and the wind blew it right over, causing the pegs to splinter and snap at one end... "Laura? Why is our tent leaning to one side?". Shit...

So we were tired and frustrated, so we chucked a sook and sat down grumpily while a group of middle-aged men with beer in hand swiftly took over and performed tent surgery and not only fixed it, but finished putting our leaning tent of Kilcunda up!

Here are the boys all putting our tents up, and the Chris and Mark pumping up the air mattress. Stay tuned for my blog about our Spartan Race!

 Plus, mine and Chris' self-inflating electric air mattress had a hole somewhere (nowhere to be found even though we covered it in duct tape!) and we had to get up every 2 hours to inflate it; after waking up to our bums practically on the ground laying in the hammock-like position! It wasn't a great weekend for sleep to be had!

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