Thursday, 21 February 2013

So many little changes

I have been noticing so many little changes to my overall self. It is giving me the drive to keep doing well and not go for KFC for lunch, or have some chocolate from the pantry. This in itself is a change for me!

It is always nice to think of yourself as making changes for the better. I like to think I am more than the weight I have been trying to shed (mostly unsuccessfully until this fortnight!). So I try to look at the bigger picture from time to time and pick up on aspects of my life that are different, and improved!

I have been sleeping like a log! Despite the hot weather and being terribly uncomfortable, I have been sleeping so well! I am on nights at the moment and always sleep amazingly during the day, but between them I am not having any trouble. Last year I used to struggle getting my body back to night time sleeping; I used to have such broken sleep for a week! I would have a tough time even getting to sleep in the evening, then I would wake up every hour or so each night and it would be impossible to get a good night sleep. I do still toss and turn in my sleep a lot but I don't seem to wake myself up like I used to. I feel like a baby when I say this, but I am sleeping right through the night!

My face is clear! I don't have very many pimples at all. Even during the time I would normally come to expect an outbreak, it just never came! Ofcourse I have one here and there, but I don't look like a crater face anymore.

I am able to run longer distances! So far my longest non-stop distance is 3.84km. I aim to improve of this next week. I have been trying to run it on flat ground, but then when I am not running to improve distance, I mix it up with a bit of elevation so I can get my heart rate up. Unfortunately where I live, there are not many hills to speak of, but I can improvise with small mounds of dirt and a smallish hill closeby.

I am not craving takeaway and crisps! This is something I always had a problem with. I used to be fine with the typical chocolate and lollies, but my weaknesses were more of the savoury kind. I loved cheddar shapes and crisps. And I also loved takeaway food. It was terrible to think of what I used to eat in a week. But now looking back, I am embarassed to admit what I was like, but proud to say I am not anymore. Just having cut  these things out of my diet now is a massive contributing factor to my weight loss success this last little while.

I am not hungry all the time! When I was home especially, I used to get hungry all the time and just want to eat. I am not even hungry as I sit here typing my blog. I like to drink cold water and that tends to fill me up, otherwise I drink a cup of tea with no sugar or milk - my weapon of choice is Nerada branded rooibos vanilla tea. Mmmm mmm, just dip it in til you get the colour of a light orange cordial and its tasty with minimal calories!

I am getting less headaches! I have barely had any headaches recently. I used to get headaches ALL the time. It was so crippling sometimes, I would get them on the way home from work and just come home and nap it off with a panadol. Firstly, if I can avoid panadol I want to because its not great for the liver, but I just had to have something to relieve me of the pain. I haven't even noticed until this morning, that I haven't had one in weeks.

I am liking the body in the mirror more. I am feeling better in my clothes. I am more comfortable in myself. I am really excited at my weightloss of 3.9kg in the last week and a half. It has given me such a massive boost that I feel like I am going to finally do well. I can't wait to see me at the end of week 12! I will come back and read up!

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  1. I'm very proud of you Sam. You've actually inspired me to get off the couch and get a bit fitter. Keep up the good work.