Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Slow fortnight

This fortnight has been a bit slow in the fitness and weightloss department. I have had an inevitable lull in motivation and as such, have not complied with the most nutritional diet, nor have I put in a great deal of effort in exercising.

Not that I can really blame anything but my own laziness, but several little things led to having a not-so-healthy weekend last weekend, then it kind of spiralled on from there. I have been eating junkfood again, and enjoying it at the time but really feeling it afterwards. My tummy feels bloated and yuck, and I just feel like I need to vomit to empty it all out after. Not because I am bulimic or anything, just because my gut feels so ridiculously full and ill from the junk and needs to be cleansed! Its amazing how lazy I have been feeling; I feel sluggish and tired, and just generally crappy.

I need to get back into my healthy eating, and today I started back on track. I am going to get back on the bandwagon and lose more weight again. Luckily I have not put on as much weight as I expected, considering the amount going in and the lack of exercising to get rid of it! I put on 1.4kg in the first week and today have lost 1.1kg from that so I have a reason to keep going!

Although I am embarassed to admit going back to my bad habits, it is sometimes good to see what I used to be like because
1. it shows me how far I have come and
2. how much I don't like the momentary satisfaction I used to always enjoy when I ate an entire box of cheezels or packet of chips.

I am about to step up my training again. Not too long and we will be smashing out the 15km True Grit course in South Australia so effort must be put in! We have a busy year after signing up for the Amazing Race Melbourne in 2 and a half weeks time, True Grit in May, Greatest Athlete 5km in July and then Spartan Super 14km in October! Phewwww, I am exhausted just typing them all! Next year I am going to be FIT!

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