Sunday, 17 February 2013

A busy weekend

We had my brew's wedding on Friday! It was such an exciting night for me because it was 3 years in the making! And I knew she would look absolutely beautiful and she did not disappoint!

Food was a worry for me. I know that generally speaking receptions usually make their meals quite small because they're 3 courses. They also normally consist of proteins with vegetables or salad. I think the biggest concern was going to be saucy temptation.

I had fish on a bed of rice for my entree, and was able to push my rice to the side and eat only the fish. For my main meal I was given chicken breast with vegetables. I had my vegies first then pulled the skin off my chicken and pushed that to the side, then cut my chicken in half because it was literally a whole chicken breast! I also had a small piece of cake which I danced off!

I have been on night shifts the last week. I have been able to avoid the infamous junkfood that we all bring to the table on night shifts. I have been taking my meal overnight as "lunch" plus a snack of a punnet of strawberries and a banana, and also breakfast of apple muesli to eat on my way to the car before plonking into bed ready for desperate, much needed sleep!

On Saturday my sister, husband and I went out to the local soccer pitch to do our Super Saturday Session, or SSS workout. Our aim was 1000 calories burnt, but only made it to just over 500. Still a job well done I say! Better than sitting on the couch!

I bought a Fitbit Zip during the week and I am really excited for it to come in the mail! It will help me measure my steps, distance travelled and even my sleep! I don't know how but it will be a great way to add to the whole picture of my fitness.

Here are a couple of pictures I have taken recently of me in clothes I wore at my biggest, and you can see the difference! Speaks for itself really!

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