Thursday, 14 February 2013

12 weeks down, 12 to go!

The finale of 12wbt was on this weekend. Amee, Laura and I packed our tiny bags and flew our smaller asses up to Brisbane for the weekend's festivities.

Amee and I flew up Friday morning and spent the day at Dreamworld on a whim. It was great to just go somewhere and not have a care in the world. It was just like we were kids again! We enjoyed buffet dinner at Sizzlers and then picked up Miss Laura from the airport that night.

Saturday morning marked the start of our 12wbt activities. We woke up nice and early for our buffet breakfast at the hotel, then drove our way to the convention centre for a massive group workout. Final count was 1617 people! It broke the world record for biggest group workout ever! We started right in the front of the stage and went out all guns blazing in the warm up, and then shifted ourselves to the back for water; also because we were embarassed that we were already so tired and had to slow it down! So I was tired and backed off for a bit, but then got my head back in the game and said "just keep moving Sam" so I did and I pushed myself as hard as I could go.

It was great to be there with so many people, pushing to their limits all for the same reason. And having Michelle Bridges in front of us, training us and pushing us was a really great experience. I felt like she was my personal trainer for an hour! Its definately something I would do next round.

Turns out we ended up on the channel 10 news! And right in the front too!!! It was hilarious!

We celebrated our 578 calories lost by having subway subs for lunch! Then bought healthy food for the weekend's meals at coles (always WAY too much!)

A quick nanna nap saw us ready for the big finale party that night. We dressed up in our beautiful dresses and made our faces before heading off. The room looked gorgeous, with the bar surrounded by fairy lights. The award ceremony was great, its fantastic to see all the massive changes the top 20 people had made.

We spent a lot of time grazing around the tables of food - Mexican, pasta and rice/sushi. We also spent a bit of time in the photo booths because our tiny group of 3 was too small for the official group photos. How photogenic are we?!

After having a great weekend in Brisvegas, full of exercise, healthy food and a little bit of naughties I am re-energised and re-focused to continue for round 1 of 2013. I feel like I am ready for a fresh start after a not-so-successful round last round.

Watch this space!

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