Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Where I've been and where I'm going

I am the first to admit I haven't had a great run from the week before Christmas. I put on a kilo and a half and haven't quite lost it all again yet. I am disappointed in myself because I lost 4.2kg in the first 4 weeks and I was absolutely over the moon about it. I guess it just goes to show that the program really works!

My eating, although much better than I have been in the last 10ish years, is not exactly Mish's secret meal plan weapon. I often don't like the sound of some things so opt for an alternative from the recipe index or easier option - generally I try for meat and vegetables or unfortunately the takeaway side (which I have become a frequent flyer at subway!). This will be my next mountain to climb; sticking to the meal plans!

I feel like I have stepped it up a lot with my exercise, but I stray from the exercise plan also. I often do my own little thing at the gym with my workout buddies, which often gets the heart racing and the job done. I realise I need to be far mor strict from here on.

So here I stand, 12 weeks down the track having lost 4kg and a bucket load off my waist, stomach, arms, thighs and looking at my ongoing photos, my back. Although the scales havent changed much, I can see it in myself. I can feel it in my energy. I sleep better, I am less tired, I feel energised and happier in general. I love the ache of my muscles after a workout the previous day - it means I worked hard and my muscles are thanking me for it!

My fitness has amazed me in ways I never thought possible! I ran 5.38km yesterday which I would never have believed I could doa year ago. My pushups are always done on my toes which I was also never able to do. The sheer weight I can use in my workouts have increased ten fold. At the beginning of 2012 I did body pump a lot because I loved the burn of it, and back then I used possibly 2-4kg each side of the bar. Unfortunately I had to stop the class due to work but now I use 5-7kg each side for squats and arm work!

I may not have arrived ANYWHERE NEAR my original goal weight, but my expectations were far greater than what I put in. I feel like I have already gained so much out of the program this round, that I think this next round will be amazing. I see where I faulted and I can only improve on these!!!

Here's to round 1 of 2013!!!

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