Saturday, 8 December 2012

An old dress gets a new look

So the other day I was feeling a little blue; some days I just feel sad I haven't come as far as I would have liked to. I decided to try on some clothes I used to wear last year to see how far I had come.

I had a wedding to attend and I bought a dress (stupidly) on eBay that looked stunning on the thin model as she twirled around in the pictures, but when I put it on the morning of the wedding my whole family had to work together to get the zipper zipped up! It barely fit me, my legs looked so large and it was tight in all the wrong places and just looked horrible. I didn't feel beautiful in it and was self conscious about the way I looked all night.

As you can see, not the most flattering of outfits I could have worn.

At the beginning of the week I decided I needed a bit of a pick-me-up. I knew since then I had lost around 13kgs and even though it is very rarely recognised, I could feel it in my clothes. So I will let you be the judge, does it look better now?


I felt really good in it, it looks so much better. It isn't so tight I can't breathe, my tummy is flatter and I could even have done with tightening the holter strap. I was so happy, it gave me the motivation to stay on track!

I am planning on going through my ward robe on my next day off and clear out all of my old, larger dresses because I never intend on wearing them again. It feels really good to get rid of clothes that don't fit anymore because they're too big!

This festive season is going to be tough, but I can't wait for the challenge. I will be keeping my eyes out for healthy Christmas recipes for my future posts.

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  1. Definitely looking better!!! 13 kilos is a lot - imagine trying to lug that around in a backpack? Your arms and face are looking thinner and I love your plan to get rid of your "fat" clothes :-) Woot!