Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Let the training begin!

This week has become the week of planning for next year's many events!

Myself, my sister, my best friend and her sister decided we wanted to trip it up to Brisvegas for the finale of 12 Week Body Transformation for the weekend. So I have been doing my research into accomodation and flights; and now included car hire! Its a very exciting time, we're going to have so much fun up there. All the healthy food we're going to make/eat, shopping in Brisbane and beach bumming of plenty!

We also decided we wanted to do the Spartan race in Melbourne. Another exciting time of the year. Its going to be a totally new experience for us. Unfortunately half our awesome foursome has pulled out so now my tough-ass sister and I are road-tripping to Wonthaggi to battle the mud and obstacles the Spartan race can throw at us.

It looks amazing, I can't wait to start training for this. It's going to be tough but I am putting it to myself as a goal of mine. I want to push myself out of my comfort zone and finish.

Today I started my training; I spent 15 minutes on the stairmaster and walked up 50 flights of stairs, then pushed myself through 10 minutes of fat burning treadmill, and ended with some circuit training.

Check out the battle grounds and sign up with me here:

Spartan Sprint Melbourne – 2nd March 2013

7+ km 15+ Obstacles / Wonthaggi, VIC
On March 2nd 2013 Wonthaggi will host the first VIC Spartan Race event. Over 7+km of trail, creeks and gullies you will face 15+ obstacles designed to challenge your strength, speed an agility, including the Wall of Valour, Rope Traverse, Spear Throw and Hercules Hoist.Those that succeed will face the Spartan Gladiators at the final turn. Not all will finish, those that cross the finish line will earn a Spartan Sprint Finisher medal and the right to call themselves Spartan.

Can I do it? You'll know at the end...

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