Saturday, 1 December 2012

It all began on October 23rd...

So this is my blog; mostly started because I wanted to diarise my journey and give people an insight into what I am going through, but also to hopefully inspire people to change themselves for the better too!

I started losing weight at the end of December 2011 - Chris had proposed to me in October and I had a few months to enjoy our engagement and begin planning. I decided I wasn't happy with the way I looked at the time and if we were to get married the next day I would not like my body in such a beautiful setting on the biggest day of my life. So after so many years of attempting to lose the weight and keep it off I figured it was time to do it properly.

I started at a very embarassing (Ok, here goes... )102kg! It was well beyond what I had ever got to before, and I was so ashamed I had let myself get that far. I was in denial all the time,.I would always get upset going clothes shopping and I hated the change rooms. And those mirrors! Boy do they have the capability of reducing a grown woman to tears. Things didn't fit me and I used to cry; but I would get over it and just walk around oblivious to my size because from day to day, well, I was happy?

My bridesmaids, my sister and best friend, also wanted to join in so we all joined up at Genesis gym. I got a personal trainer and we were all doing well. It was difficult (and still is) to co-ordinate myself with everyone else in terms of going to the gym after work because I am a nurse and I work shift hours. I sometimes feel like I am  the reason we didn't all work out the same as we could or should have because I wasn't able to go with anyone else. I slowly, slowly lost 10kg over the year but it was no where near the amount I wanted to lose, nor what I knew I was capable of losing. I had hoped to have landed in the 80's easily. This just didn't happen.

So now I begin this new phase of my life at 94.2kg (after a terrible 10 days of eating on our honeymoon I bought back a little extra baggage!). I have been doing Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation since November the 19th, 2012 and have already learnt (and lost) so much! It feels more like a change in lifestyle than a diet. The food is fantastic, easy to prepare and cook, and the exercises are simple to follow. I love that everything is planned out for you, it is just up to you to put in the work and you will see results! It works nicely with my shift work. I have been able to rearrange the meals for the week and organise myself for the shift ahead. I use so many decor containers (thanks Chris for washing them all each night!) but it is great that I know I dont have to think, I just do it.

This time I am going to lose my weight and keep it off. I have so much to lose, and so much to gain from this journey. I am looking forward to fitting into some dresses I have in the wardrobe that don't fit me anymore. I am looking forward to feeling good in bathers on the beach and not being embarassed by my thunder thighs. I am looking forward to being healthier and lowering my risk of problems such as diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure which all run in my family. I am looking forward to meeting the happier me!

And its not over til the skinny lady sings...

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 This is my before picture (I am wearing bathers)

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  1. OK Sammee - I'm following you now, so you have to keep blogging!! Can't wait to see your transformation!!