Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas time

Merry Christmas!

Hope it was a fantastic day for all. I had an amazing day with family and friends. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by very supportive people during the entire day from start to finish.

Our lunch consisted of roast turkey and pork with roasted vegies. I picked out the brocolli and cauliflower with the least cheese and scraped most of what I had off, which is totally new for me. I love creamy white, cheesy sauces! I didnt have any gravy either.

I had to have some Christmas pudding so I had a thin piece, then continued to cut off half and give it to someone else! I LOVE DADS CHRISTMAS PUDDING!!!

It was tough to part with my tasty lunch, and to resist the urge to pile my plate, but once I was eating and pacing myself I didn't find it quite as bad as I thought. I didn't actually feel hungry which surprised me a lot.

I admit, I haven't done very much exercise at all over the last 5 days. I spent about 40 hours in Adelaide over the weekend with my husbands family and it was go, go, go for me. I did manage to drag myself out for a 2.25km run this evening though after my strenuous day of Boxing Day sales. I carried very heavy bags around all day, and walked up a huge hill to our car with them all! That felt like a workout in itself.

Tomorrow my sister and I are going to meet my best friend and her sister at their caravan down at the beach. We are planning to take our boxing gloves and bathers down for a morning workout on the beach and some training in the sand before an afternoon in the surf swimming. I am really looking forward to it because it is something different for us. It is a different place to workout and a nice little group workout.

So until then, thanks for reading and supporting me. I will post another blog and let you know how our workout went!

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