Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy New Year!

So its 2013...

A new year begins again, and with a new year often comes new year resolutions. I have never really been one to set myself resolutions so much as a specific goal and time. Last year I didn't make my goal of making it below 90kg before our wedding in November; this year I have decided to make a broad goal to be a fitter and healthier me by the end of the year, but also a few smaller ones.

  • Complete Spartan race in March
  • Complete a short fun run of approximately 5kms
  • Lose a further 10kg by halfway through 2013
  • Reach my goal weight of 70kg by the end of the year

So I think these are easy, right? I don't think easy would be the word, but I am hoping they are within reach and I can accomplish them. I know it will be difficult and I am going to have to work harder than ever, but I feel like after having a mildly successful year I can gauge how much work I put in last year and work harder this year.

I have started my training for the Spartan race back on boxing day and I have been going for runs after work or before work most days since. I am already noticing a huge change in my fitness level just from my 20-30 minute walk. When I started last year I could barely run anywhere, and now for my 2.5km run I am running (slowly, but not walking) 75-80% of the time! I am really proud of myself so far.

Today was 38 degrees and I was so tired after my sixth shift in a row, and after an early shift, I decided I wasnt going to go for a run or gym. My husband agreed I deserved a day of rest and I had even texted my sister and told her I was piking out for the day. By 18:30 my sister texted me back and asked if I was sure I didn't want to go and I decided "thats it, I need to go" and I was at the time looking up pintrest exercises and felt motivated.

We spent 40 minutes exercising at the gym, and now the burn feels good. I feel like I have worked my body tonight and pushed my muscles. I am on the road to being awesome at the Spartan race!

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