Sunday, 27 January 2013

Big fat Adelaide wedding!!!

The wedding over in Adelaide was amazing! The bride and groom were beautiful, and the bridal party looked great. The ceremony was lovely and the reception was just gorgeous.


The weekend consisted of about 16 hours driving in total, and 34 hours stop over in Adelaide - 18 hours sleeping and the rest out and about for the wedding! It was extremely quick; probably too quick really. Its so nice to be over there with all of Chris' family.

Exercise wise, well we did nothing. I danced the night away in my heels and the nutbush was a workout on my thighs in itself with heels, but really nothing else.

I had an amazing time, dancing the night away with my family in-laws. It was just fun to relax and not have to worry about my own wedding (Are the centrepieces right? Is the cake the right flavour? Do we have enough of everything?!)

Food wise I ate very averagely. The food at the reception was nice but everything else was just average. I am just ready to get back into the exercise and cleaner eating this week and pickup where I left off!

On a better note I wore my red dress to the wedding last night that I wanted to remodel from the last time I wore it. As previously mentioned, I wasn't happy at all how I looked in the dress at the first wedding I wore it to. I was desperate to change that image. So as promised, I have a picture that shows not only my change but also Chris' change too!

Here you go...

And lastly, here is a before and after of the both of us!

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  1. Aww! They look very cute together. She reminds me of my sister, she wore a similar kind of dress on her wedding last year, only the color was different. She also got married in one of the venues in Los Angeles that looked exactly like this one. It was a memorable day.