Saturday, 12 January 2013

Climbing to a better me

Yesterday, in preparation for Spartan race, my sister Laura, my best friend Amee and I decided we would go rock climbing together and get a bit of upper strength up!

For Amee, it was a lot more than just exercise though. She is afraid of heights, and despite having a small cry at the beginning of her first climb, she did amazingly for the rest of the night! I am so proud of her not only going there for the fitness side, but also facing her fear and kicking it in the face! Here she goes:

Laura did most excellently too. She made it to the top of the huge rope ladder not once but twice; the first time we forgot to take a photo of it so she was determined to get that photo! We also kept our selves going and scaled a few more walls each. She is so fast and strategic, much much better at it than I am! Here she goes:

And I gave myself the goal to get to the top of the rope ladder. It was something I couldn't do fathers day of 2011 by far. I struggled so much to get to the top of anything back then and I was really looking forward to seeing how far I had come. I was surprised when I walked in, to see how tall the rope ladder was (it was much taller than I had remembered). Not because I am afraid of heights, but because I was so worried that when I saw it, I wasn't going to be able to do it! I was less than halfway already and my arms were stiffening up. The first step was tough, because it moved so much more than I realised. I was practically hanging from the second rung off the floor. Then the next 10 or so rungs were easy. I picked it up quickly in a rhythm and pushed through the pain in my arms. I would look up at how far I had left to climb and think "shit, it is just way too big, I just can't do it". But I was determined to do it.

So many times I would take a few steps, maybe 4 more rungs and then be so tired and feel absolutely exhausted; I would think I couldn't go anymore. My arms were sore, it was a mixture of not being able to feel them anymore, and having stiff boards on the end of my shoulder that the only control I had of them was to swing my shoulders and grip the next one with my fingers. Then about 6 or 7 rungs away from the top I realised this is the perfect example of my weight loss journey so far.

I push so hard for a bit, then let it slacken for a while. While I cool off I realise I can be better than this, and I pick it all back up. My journey has yo-yo'd a lot but ultimately I am working in the right direction.

So here I am, picking it back up and so close. I can do it, like I do every other time. And I did it! I made it to the top of the ladder. It felt amazing up there. I looked down at my tiny sister and friend, so proud of myself.

I will feel this proud again, when I reach my next weightloss goals. Because for me, this is tougher than most people probably find it. It is possibly the toughest thing I have ever done in my life, including year 12, university and working in the Royal Melbourne Hospital!

This is another proud moment of my life that I have forever now. This is another big step I have taken to show how much I have improved since starting a year ago.

P.S I don't even mind the back/behind view in this shot of me climbing below. I used to hate myself in photos but I am starting to love my leaner, more muscular looking body - particular the back!

I am loving my more healthier, active life!!!

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