Thursday, 24 January 2013

More and more exercise

It has been a rollercoaster week for me with exercise!

I have experienced highs and lows of wanting to exercise. The weather has been hot and I have had a lot of early shift this week which means waking up at 5:30am and this just makes for a tired and cranky Sam!

We have been to the gym as much as we can; pushing eachother to our limits. As you can see we spent a bit of time doing our own thing as well as training together. Our circuit training didn't happen so much but we continue to work on our arms and legs for Spartan!
This weekend Chris and I are driving over to Adelaide for his cousin's wedding. This means we will be driving pretty much 16 hours of the weekend and there won't be much room for exercise. The girls are all at their respective holiday destinations also so next week we need to step it up! Only a few more weeks before the 12WBT finale for this round! I want to look my best for it!

I invested in some new workout clothes and amazing drink bottles to inspire me a bit more to get out and move. They look so pretty all together!

I have found a love for sports brands now, and have spent more time in rebel sport than I ever have in my life the last 2 weeks!
Let me show you some of them!!!
So much boxing! Look at my husband's horrible bruises from sparring on Monday!!!
So off to Adelaide we go! I am wearing my red dress from my earlier post... I will post photos for all to see how it looked :D


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