Sunday, 20 January 2013

Terrible weekend...

It was a terrible weekend for food for me.


Friday night began with pizza night with my besties. Pizza after our workout at the gym, maybe not so bad. But then my pizza night turned into a pizza 24 hours, 4 meals in a row, because there was just that much left over! We TOTALLY misjudged how much the group of us eat now and much to my disgust I had a lot to finish between myself and my husband! Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner!!!

So I felt really crumby after Saturday night; just blurgh!

I had my Michelle Bridges banana bread for breakfast this morning and then BBQ marinated chicken with mashed potato and pumpkin for lunch from the cafeteria at work. I guess it wasn't SO bad but could've been better still. It was tough having had a late shift the previous night. It doesnt leave much time to cook up a healthy storm for the next day's meals.

My amazing husband cooked us some tasty mustard chicken with greens for dinner from the 12 week body transformation recipes which was really yummy; maybe a bit too much mustard in it but still good! He also cooked up a pot of minestroni soup, a batch of choc chip cookies and also choc chip muffins. I unfortunately gave in to two cookies, a muffin and some icecream after dinner which I am not so proud of.

After dinner before masterchef started I decided I had already screwed up the weekend, I should try and undo some of the damage with a little bit of exercise so we took the boxing gloves outside and got to work! In total we each did 2 reps of 100 high punches, 100 side punches and 100 upper cuts, followed by 20 burpees, 50 squats with 3kg weight and then 10 lunges each leg with 3kg weight. It wasnt my hardest workout ever, but still enough to raise my heart rate for half an hour and make me feel like I had done some work!

Afterall, looking back on everything I have typed and considering I have come out and admitted to all my sore points this weekend, I feel less crumby and it probably wasnt quite as bad as I thought.


This is my naughty husband after sparring with his brother in a boxing match at home!

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